Monday, October 6, 2014

Raw Edge Sewing Co. Review

Raw Edge Sewing has Stolen my Heart!!! I can not Rave enough about this Magical Etsy Shop!!! Sophia's High Chair was a pretty Big Focal Point of the party so I wanted it Super Cute!!! When Raw Edge Sewing Became a Sponsor for Sophia's Party I went Crazy (in a good way!) This is what we had in store.....

I hunted High and Low for an old wooden High Chair just for this Purpose...It was found and painted!! Ofcouse when she was cute sitting in it but when it came time to bust out the camera she lost it....It was a pretty rough teething day and we went with the motto... "It's MY Party and I'll Cry if I want too" song (come on you guys remember it right?!? from Problem Child the movie!) Well it was one of those day's! She had a Blast but a few rough patches!
What the peeps at Raw Edge Sewing Co. had to say about this,
"So fun, your baby is 1! Or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc.! I can customize your banner for any age, just let me know when you check out what number/s you would like. I can customize colors as well.

Besides using this banner on your child's high chair, consider using it for a birthday party decor, photo shoot prop or toddler bedroom/nursery wall-hanging.

I can customize your banner for any occasion, let's put our heads together and see what we can come up with!

This listing consists of a 6" X 9" (approx.) burlap flag with your child's age. It is strung on 70" of jute twine with several trims and fabric to coordinate this rustic banner. Trims will be the same or similar to those featured in this listing.

Just tie the banner around the high chair sides to secure it and use velcro dots or tape (not provided) to insure that it stays in place.

Burlap will fray when exposed to wind. Of course, this absolutely adds to the rustic beauty of this birthday banner. If you’re concerned about it fraying too much, I recommend avoiding long term outdoor exposure."

It is currently hanging on our Fireplace. I don't think I can part with it...anytime soon! It may be a permanent fixture! And it totally goes with our motif. :)

You really have to check out Raw Edge Sewing Co. They have it all! Great customer service and oh so Beautiful!!!! We are forever fans!! Go Shop HERE and Follow on Pinterest HERE, Like on Facebook HERE

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